Dieue-sur-Meuse, France (Nov 2017)

Needed to cover some ground today and made seriously good time down the motorway from Lille to the little village of Dieue-sur-Meuse, stopping at Epernay on the way for a glass of Champagne. I was in Epernay just last year and it is well worth repeat visits especially when the weather is as nice as today – warm and sunny.

The French motorways are impressive and well worth the toll price.

The stop in Dieue-sur-Meuse was what might be termed a wild camp inasmuch as the village didn’t have a pub. Well, it did but it never opened. Went for a short evening stroll and had a quiet night in with a bottle of the local wine – a Pinot Noir that set me back 3 Euros (I went for the mid price range).

There are worse places to park up for the night

… and, yes, it was a fine evening


4 thoughts on “Dieue-sur-Meuse, France (Nov 2017)”

  1. If heading south then try Colmar and Kayserberg. Colmar is a large town but old city is attractive. Keyserberg is a beautiful small town with timbered buldings. Birthplace and location of ‘Musée Albert Schweitzer’

    1. Colmar is certainly on the list, Steve. I intended going there before Germany but I had such a bloody awful morning in France this am (not sure if it was my navigation system, me, French roads or a combination of all three) such that I spat my dummy out and decided to leave France and spend the next 2 or 3 days in Germany. That’ll teach them!!! I’m only a few clicks from Colmar so I may head back this weekend.

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