WELCOME (and about this website)

HELLO and WELCOME to the “DJmotortouring” website.

This website was set up in 2017 to capture the events and sights of an extended tour of Europe in a motor-home (the Van). As much as anything the website was to be a vehicle (no pun intended) for keeping family and friends aware of my movements and activities during the tour but I hoped too that it would be of interest to anyone else stumbling across it.

The website is still very much work in progress. This is my first attempt at developing such a site and, as anyone who knows me can confirm, I am almost Neanderthal when it comes to technology. This being so, I have tried to keep everything about the site simple:-

“PAGES” – If you’re reading this introduction you have successfully navigated to the first Page on this website – the Welcome Page. Various other Pages follow, each of which will introduce you to different aspects of the website.

The Page immediately following this one serves to introduce me and explain what it is I am up to. Another introduces the motorhome that I am currently using while still others provide video summaries of some of the longer trips or tours being made in the vehicle.  

The Pages are constantly being added to. Indeed, I have started adding short video summaries of some other non-road trips and I will develop a page of ‘Campsite & Stopover Map Coordinates’ which could be of interest to other motorhome travellers. This remains very much ‘Work in Progress’.

The last of the Pages includes a Contact Form (see below) which allows any reader of this website to easily contact me by e-mail in the event they have any comment or questions regarding either the site or any aspect of my travel.

“POSTS” – The Posts reflect individual aspects of each road trip, each one being a travel blog. The Posts are in chronological order with the most recent entry being at the top. At the foot of each entry (after the reply or comments section) are links that will take you to previous or subsequent posts/blogs.

You don’t have to scroll through all of the blogs to access specific posts. To access all posts from a particular country, you simply double click on the country of your choice from those listed in the “CATEGORIES”. Alternatively, you can access individual posts by double clicking on the place icon on any of the “GOOGLE MAPS” I have added to the site.

“ARCHIVES” (at the foot of this page) allow you to pick up on blogs by the month.

“CONTACT FORM” Should you want to contact me regarding any individual post or, indeed, anything to do with this web site you can reach me by e-mail using the Contact Form which is listed among the website pages.

Please note, should you use the Contact Form, that (a) no one other than me will see your e-mail address and (b) any comment you make cannot be seen unless or until I approve it. Just say if you don’t want your comment published on the Website and I will comply with your wishes.

“IN CONCLUSION” I hope all the above makes sense and helps you navigate round the site. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you think you can help improve the site – Like I said, I’m new to all this.