Greece (Learning to Sail) 2018

LEARNING TO SAIL: There follows 2 of 3 short movies of photos and videos I shot during a 3 week period in 2018 while learning to sail with the Aegean Sailing School out of the Greek Island of Aegina. Not knowing the first thing about sailing (and having previously suffered with sea sickness at even a mention of sailing or boats) most of my first week was spent on a 45′ Bavaria Cruiser ‘Philip’ learning the basics and getting “comfortable” with boats and water as part of the RYA Competent Crew Course. This was immediately followed by weekend of schooling in navigation and charts and then 5 days on Philip’s sister yacht ‘Helene’ undergoing the RYA Day Skipper Course. On a third week a month or so later, I chartered the 37′ Bavaria Cruiser ‘Greta’ and took my grown up children sailing around some of the Saronic Islands – there’s nothing quite like jumping in at the deep end:-