Day 11+ (cont.) – Ypres, Belgium

What’s to say about Ypres except that it is a lovely City (and of course, almost totally rebuilt since WW1). There’s much to see (the Menin Gate, the Ypres Cloth Hall, St Maarten’s Cathedral, etc) but after walking my legs stiff I most enjoyed just sitting and people watching outside the very popular St Arnoldus Bar while drinking a selection of local beers – and very nice the beers were too.

The Menin Gate (lists the names of 50,000+ British & Commonwealth servicemen who fell at Ypres and whose bodies have not been recovered; a further 30,000+ are listed at Tyne Cot)

Ypres Cloth Hall in 2017…

… as opposed to in 1911 and 1919

St Maarten’s Cathedral

By the way, thanks to Will for setting up a trip advisor in my name. I will comment on the St Arnoldus in detail once I learn how to use trip advisor.
Meanwhile I attach a photo of the bar together with one of some of the beers I tried. They serve them 4 at a time and these were all between 8% and 10%. Now that is a pub!

Towards the end of the evening I decided to return to the Van via a circuit of the city walls. I got lost but stumbled, quite literally, across another British cemetery (Ramparts Cemetery; they are everywhere) and, on an altogether brighter note, a road sign showing the way to my next stop, Lille.

Ramparts Cemetery

“I recognise the Gate – the Van is somewhere near here”

“That’ll do for tomorrow”

Lille next…

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