St Vaast La Hogue (Normandy), France – August 2020 (Tour 3)

This second day saw us move west through wonderful Honfleur and then up the Cherbourg Peninsula through Carentan and St Mere Eglise to the pretty harbour town of Saint Vaast La Hogue.

Saint Vaast La Hogue is towards the northernmost tip of the Cherbourg Peninsula and in totally the opposite direction to our intended route but, it seems our arrival there was entirely my fault?!? Vanya pointed out to me after our arrival that I had asked her to find us a camp site to the north of Caen and she took that to mean anywhere north of Caen. That we ended up 70 miles further north looking across the Channel to Portsmouth was my bad. I should have been more precise.

I’ve always liked Honfleur

Vanya prefers St Vaast

I’ll check that tower out tomorrow

Still, we have now been to Saint Vaast La Hogue and sat outside a cafe with a beer or two watching the world go by. And most enjoyable it was too.

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