Days 6,7 & 8 – Canterbury, Kent

Day 6 saw Mick and I arrive at Dave’s place in Canterbury for a small reunion (Mick decided to join me for a couple of days) before I head off to mainland Europe…

Stayed in Canterbury longer than anticipated but enjoyed every minute of it. Drank some good local ales (Kent County from Whitstable and Musket Flash in the Pan which I think comes from a micro-brewery in Maidstone) in a couple of very good pubs (The Bell & Crown and The New Inn)…

Bar in The Bell & Crown

Bunch of happy Germans in The Bell & Crown

Tried to ignore Canterbury Cathedral (which everyone takes pictures of and is for the most part covered in scaffolding) in favour of views which better reflect Canterbury as a whole and I saw a side of Canterbury I had not seen before. It is a compact and charming town with much to see. The only downside is the litter and graffiti – it really is bad – shame on you Canterbury!

Okay, so there is a little bit of the Cathedral without scaffolding

A surprisingly interesting place to visit was St Martin’s Church which, they say, is the oldest church in the English-speaking world…

For those who don’t know Mary Tourtel is the artist and writer who created Rupert Bear.

The best part of the visit to Canterbury, although a close second was our winning a charity quiz for Sri Lankan Orphans during day 8 (well done Team Oblivion), was our night at the Spiegeltent Salon Perdu. We arrived in Canterbury during it’s Annual International Arts Festival and took the opportunity to see the Red Stripe Band perform in the tent which is a highly decorated (lots of mirrors) travelling dance tent which originated in Belgium some time in the 1920’s. It’s been everywhere. It was a great venue for the Red Stripe Band who play a wide variety of Boogie, Swing and Rock & Roll and encourage dancing on the dance floor, in the aisles and even behind the bar – they were probably the most fun band I have ever seen/heard. Particularly entertaining was a musical trilogy of It’s Alright Mama, The Benny Hill (Chase) Music and Lily Allen’s It’s Not Fair.

The Channel Tunnel and mainland Europe beckons…

4 thoughts on “Days 6,7 & 8 – Canterbury, Kent”

  1. Good to hear that you enjoyed your visit to Canterbury. I agree with you about the litter and graffiti. There are locals who go round tidying and cleaning the streets in their own time and at their own expense but sadly even more adding to it all the time.
    Enjoy your visit to Belgium.
    Love, Jenny xxx

    1. Unfortunately, it is the same story in too many of our cities. Since crossing to mainland Europe I have stopped in Kortrijk and Ypres (blogs to follow) and they don’t have the same problem. It is perhaps a rhetorical question but what is it that they do right and we don’t?
      I’m pleased you are following the web-site. Knowing that it is getting read inspires me to continue although, it is already difficult finding the time to update the site. Perhaps it will be easier as the weather deteriorates. Stay well.x

  2. Love the Canterbury blog. We are a disposable society , finished with it then chuck it and someone else will clear it up. Education in schools and a tax on takeaways and supermarkets to pay for litter clearance. Glad you are having a great time.

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