Burgstadt (Lower Franconia), Germany September 2023 (Tour 8)

Just two kilometres from Miltenberg is the smaller town of Burgstadt. There’s a large stellplatz at the edge of the town and I left Vanya and the dogs in the Van on this stellplatz while I went off for a quick look around Burgstadt.

The most interesting features of this relatively plain town (most places will appear plain after Miltenberg) are; the old and once fortified Parish Church of Saint Margareta (the nave and tower of which date back to the 13th century); the 16th century Rathaus (the town hall building); the celebrated Rudolf Furst Winery (closed while we were in the town) and; foremost amongst all of these, the 1oth century Martinskapelle (St Martin’s Chapel). Certainly, it was the chapel which drew me to Burgstadt.

St Martin’s was built as a chapel in the 10th century and is now recognised as one of the oldest churches in Franconia. It is most remarkable for it’s 16th century wall and ceiling paintings which include 40 medallions depicting scenes from the bible (both Old and New Testaments). Unusual and beautiful.

There was one other feature I was drawn to while in Burgstadt and that was the small rose garden behind the parish church. I spent a pleasant half hour in the garden before heading back to the Van and then on to Triefenstein.

That’s the tiny rose garden with the parish church in the background.

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