Alvor, Portugal August 2021 (Tour 4)

Whilst in Beja, two local people suggested Aljezur as somewhere to visit and so we decided to give it a try. Unfortunately the town was too busy. We were unable to find a decent place to stay and so headed further south to the Algarve and parked up in the small town of Alvor.

We were looking forward to chilling for a couple of days and, from what we read, Alvor looked a quieter, more pleasant place than say nearby Portimao or the Praia da Rocha (where we took our children many years ago). More to the point it read as if there was something about the place that we could enjoy. It wasn’t to be the case.

I’ll not classify Alvor as I might some of the Spanish Costas. It isn’t particularly overdeveloped and/or unsightly; neither is it very overcrowded or messy. It does appear a bit loud and tacky (as do many other places, including Brighton where we now live, but that is never going to be a show stopper with me). No, it is simply a resort with numerous Irish bars (I counted 7 just walking through the main drag), cafes, tourist shops and tours. It is wholly lacking in character and has neither heart nor soul and there is absolutely nothing there of interest to me. I might have felt differently if I were there twenty years ago with young children but, not now. It was time to head back north.

We tried Aljezur again but there would be nowhere decent to park up for a few days and it was far too hot to wild camp for so long.

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