Wifi Test (near Buxton)

Currently checking out the “The Van” on another wild camp (if an overnight stay at a remote car park near Goyt’s Lane, Buxton, can be termed a wild camp) the main purpose of which, in no particular order, is to test (a) the heating system in readiness for the impending tour and (b) the new communications system (or, more specifically, the Huawei E5577 Mifi device purchased from Motorhome WiFi which I’m hoping will enable me to better access the internet during the tour) and (c) my knowledge and/or understanding of the Pioneer Sat-Nav System which I had installed when I bought the Van (or I’m going to get lost).

The house sale is moving slower than expected (this time it is not all down to lawyers) and it looks as if I will be spending a great deal more time touring Europe in Winter and Spring as opposed to Summer and Autumn. In these circumstances I thought it prudent to give the heating system another test before I go. I’ve just turned the heating on (although it is not that cold outside) and we’ll see how it goes overnight.

The MiFi device appears to be working a treat. Indeed, I’ve connected the lap top to the device and have been able to access the DJmotortouring website without any difficulty. Adam, who together with Sophie, runs Motorhome WiFi told me that the system is easy to set up but I am neanderthal when it comes to technology and I really didn’t think I would be able to cope. Guess what? Adam was right. It was simple. Thanks, Adam. Thanks Motorhome WiFi. Let’s hope it works as well in Bulgaria as Buxton. We’ll see.

I’m determined to finish this blog on a high note and will not therefore talk about the Sat-Nav System. It will suffice to say at this stage that I’m pleased I still have my UK Road Atlas in the Van!

Time for a glass or four of Malbec.

Speak to you anon.

p.s. I reproduce below a couple of photos of the site where I’m parked. It is one of two small car parks either side of the road. This lower car park is slightly larger and more sheltered but it is on a small slope. My mobile ‘phone tells me the coordinates are N53,1625 W1,5755. First thoughts are it is not a bad place to park.