Markt St Martin (Burgenland), Austria July 2002 (Tour 6)

We used the campsite at Markt St Martin purely as a stop over on our way back to Enzesfeld. The campsite was a total disappointment , especially at 44 Euro per night. Austria at peak season.

The only half decent aspect to the place was the small bar alongside the camp site. It has a swimming pond.

The food in the bar was poor but the setting was fine

There was little to see in the town (or is it a village) but, it being a Thursday afternoon, everything was closed anyway except for a kartoffeln heurige. Wine heuriges I have heard of; a potato heurige is new to me.

On the way in to the village I came across another relatively intriguing feature namely, a fruit (and nut) tree circle. If you’ve lived in Scotland (or any other country where the Celts once settled) you will probably have seen a stone circle or two. Markt St Martin has substituted a stone circle with a much more practical fruit tree circle. Well, I think that is what is was.

You know something? I don’t think I have ever produced such a pointless (and boring) blog before. Back to Enzesfeld.